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 The Shidgar Tourism Complex aims to promote the culture of the tourism industry in the country and has providedthe highest level of tourism services in the cradle of Iranian civilization.the proximity to major historical monuments such as Persepolis , Pasargad and Shiraz , the city of poerty and Persian literature, have made Shidgar unique.The complex , with its traditional Iranian restaurant and the highest amenities, while adhering to its values in order to continously improve the quality of services, aims to provide a memorable experience of staying in a relaxed and ejoyable environment for guests.

Shidgar , located 500 meters fro, Persepolis , has a 50 year old building with a special Louis-kahn design and architechture that was put into operation after the restoration and construction in March 2018.according to short distance , horseback riding , cycling and carriage can be provided to the guests of the Persepolis.


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Shidgar complex, 500 meters away from Persepolis, with 16 rooms with standard facilities, restaurant, coffee shop and tea house, guarantees the peace and security of guests at the best price.

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